Attention to gestational diabetes

Attention to gestational diabetes

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Frequent urge to urinate, permanent thirst, significant weight gain ... What if you had gestational diabetes like 5% of pregnant women? This disease, which results in a too high blood sugar level, usually appears in the 6th month of pregnancy and requires special monitoring.

What is diabetes?

  • This disease is due to a deficiency of a hormone secreted by the pancreas, called insulin. It results in the presence of sugars in the urine and blood glucose higher than average (0.95 g / l).
  • Symptoms are the permanent thirst, the urge to urinate and bad breath.

Gestational diabetes

  • Diabetes may appear during pregnancy because of hormonal disruption, usually around the 26th week of amenorrhea. At this time, the kidneys no longer remove the sugar in the urine in the same way as before pregnancy.

Diabetes can appear during pregnancy because of hormonal upheaval

  • Future moms who may be concerned : those who are overweight, those who have a diabetic in their families, those who gave birth to children over 4kg or those who have already had high blood glucose levels during pill taking. Expectant mothers over 35 are also at risk.
  • The results gestational diabetes are important (more difficult childbirth, larger and more fragile babies, more frequent caesarean section), hence the importance of screening for it.

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