10 awesome recipes for afternoon tea

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Want to offer your gourmets a snack fun without taking your mind? Here are some easy recipes ideas that will bluff and feast! Who is the boss ?

10 awesome recipes for afternoon tea (8 pics)

Slate cookies and edible chalks

This recipe is a bit more complicated ... but it is a gourmet idea to start the new season in a good mood See the recipe

BN smiling

Homemade BN with country bread and dark chocolate ... an idea at once greedy and balanced for the snack See the recipe

Princes house for little princes

This recipe well known to children is nothing really complicated! And it's much better when mom is sticking! See the recipe

Bear cubs

Teddy bears in shortbread with cocoa and almonds to warm the heart at the time of 4 hours! See the recipe

Melting cookies

They will love these shortbreads topped with milk chocolate and embellished with M & M'S, an imitation of the famous "M & M'S Biscuits." See the recipe

Smarties Shortbread

Put some color in their snack with this crunchy recipe of two-tone white chocolate cookies and milk (or black if you want) decorated with Smarties See the recipe

Carambar cake

Too strong this mom! With this delicious recipe, you will melt their hearts See the recipe

Madeleines pops

To do with homemade madeleines (or not), lollipops fashion cake pops that will impress them! See the recipe