Your baby 0-1 year

Balance ? What happiness!

Born between September 23 and October 22, little Libra is charming, spontaneous and sensitive. What are his main character traits, how do you behave with him, what games or gift ideas for his birthday?

His character

  • Seduction side, your little Libra knows how to do it. Tonight, you have people. Your baby Libra is thrilled! He chirps with everyone, throws glances, distributes cuddles. On which knees will he climb now? Those of aunt Agathe a little stiff, but so funny when she laughs? Or those of the comfortable uncle Richard?
  • He would not be too hesitant ? Yes it is. And if he hesitates, it is often that he is afraid to displease ... Soft, gentleNothing delights him more than to please you. Your little Libra wants to please so much that he sometimes risks losing some feathers.
  • A cajoling smile here, a nice word there ... This angel rarely turns into a devil. Are you late for dinner? He chirps cheerfully in his deckchair! He is so easy to live and adapts to all situations! No wonder this sunbeam has a whole gang of pals in short panties.
  • He is sociable and loves the party. And growing up, you will see that beyond his charm and his kindness, there is at him a real talent for diplomacy... Does he not often pose as a mediator when a dispute arises in the siblings?

What character for your little Libra to you? Our survey

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