Babies in a stroller: pay attention to pollution!

Babies in a stroller: pay attention to pollution!

Installed in his stroller, a baby is at the height of the exhaust pipes and therefore particularly exposed to toxic gases (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons). Caution is therefore required.

An inquiry on strollers

  • Toddlers in strollers are more exposed than adults to pollution. By equipping the strollers with sensors to observe what babies breathe when they are walked around the city, the Association of Environmental Health France (Asef) concluded that particulate levels 2.5, mainly emitted by road transport, two courses were two to six times higher than the quality target set by the World Health Organization (WHO), which recommends not exceeding 10 micrograms. According to doctors, rates in the city were almost never less than 20 micrograms.

Toddlers more fragile

  • Numerous scientific studies have shown that children exposed to these microparticles more easily develop asthma, eczema, ENT infections and respiratory allergies.
  • At this time of life, the respiratory system is in full development and very vulnerable. Exposure to pollutants can therefore compromise the quality of the child's respiratory capital.
  • A baby strolled at the height of the exhaust gas breathes up to 30% more pollutants than an adult!

Tips to protect him

  • Privilege public transport.
  • Avoid strolling during rush hour and the proximity of major highways. Do not hesitate to plan a detour ...
  • Do not stop at the exhaust pipe of a car that starts.
  • If it is warm, prefer the baby carrier to the stroller. It keeps your baby up, away from the exhaust pipes.
  • Avoid exits during peak pollution, especially during rush hour when the air is charged with ozone.
  • Choose to go for a walk rather in the morning, in dry weather and in good weather, but not too hot either (beware of very sunny days without any wind).
  • There was a heavy downpour? It's a good time to go out because bad weather disperses pollutants.
  • Beware of days of fog. The fine droplets that compose it contain pollutants that will be easily inhaled.

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