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Swimmers: what impact on motor development?

Does the practice of baby swimmers affect or affect the motor development of toddlers? Yes, says Laurent Dulong, lifeguard. A child master of its balance in the aquatic environment will reinvest it outside the water.

The work that can be done on posture or imbalance or balance in the aquatic environment: it is estimated that it is "reinvestable" in the terrestrial environment. Because everything that is worked in the water is going to be after "reinvestable" when the child will start trying to walk or try to position themselves in a neutral position.

That's why we approach small exercises on the posture while trying to play with the imbalance of the child, it is the child who must try to become master of are balance so suddenly, if is master of its balance in the aquatic environment, it will be necessarily profitable in the terrestrial environment.

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