Stuttering: The speech therapist, a key player!

Stuttering: The speech therapist, a key player!

Today, 650,000 people were stuttering in France. On the occasion of World Stuttering Day, the National Federation of Speech-Language Pathologists, the FNO, reiterated the importance of speech-language intervention in the management of this disorder.

The orthophonic care, the anti-falsification ally

  • Stuttering is a common speech disorder in France, affecting 650,000 people and affecting nearly 4% of children.
  • The causes are multifactorial. They can be of physiological, psychological or genetic origins.
  • Stuttering most often occurs around age 3 and can continue to adulthood.
  • Generally, it manifests itself in exchanges with others. The child can not get out the words and repeats the syllables. He accompanies his difficulty in expressing himself with movements of the head.
  • It is important to spot this disorder before it settles permanently and does not become a real handicap.
  • The speech therapist, after a review, will be able to make the diagnosis and set up an adapted and personalized treatment, based on reeducation sessions.
  • The more therapeutic care is introduced early, the more it gives guarantees of results.
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