Jars: good to all

Jars: good to all

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Jams, fruits in syrup, jars of vegetables or sauces ... The most classic of home preservation methods is the setting in jars. It lends itself to many recipes provided you follow certain rules.


  • The jams will be made by cooking equal volume of fruit and a volume of sugar. Ditto for jellies, but we must weigh the "syrup" of fruit once cooked, purée and filtered, before adding the weight of sugar and a drizzle of lemon juice that helps crystallize.

Fruits in syrup

  • Fruits in syrup are even easier to make. Wash, stump or stone the fruits, then dry them. Cut the bigger ones in half or in quarters. Then prepare a syrup with a liter of water for 200 g of sugar. Bring to a boil and reduce for 5 minutes. You can vary the pleasures by scenting this syrup of spices, vanilla or lemon. Place the raw fruits in clean, dry jars. Pour the warmed syrup over the fruit. Close. It's ready. These fruits will be delicious in salads, but also to make pies, clafoutis or desserts.

Jars of vegetables, sauces ...

  • Natural vegetables are prepared with salt water. Wash and eventually peel the vegetables. Put them to blanch for 5 minutes in salted boiling water. Refresh them, drain them and place them in the jars. Cover with salted water, close and sterilize the jar.
  • Cooked recipes can also be preserved in jars: ratatouille, tomato sauce ... In this case, pour your preparation still warm in the clean and dry jar, then close before sterilizing.

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