Do-it-yourself: the salt dough workshop

Do-it-yourself: the salt dough workshop

Mix the dough, invent shapes, put them in the oven ... nothing beats the salt dough to develop its creativity. An activity that will seduce your budding artists. In videos, our easy recipe for salt dough and funny craft ideas.

What do we do today ? And if you organize a salt dough workshop with your family? Your budding artist will love creating funny shapes that he can then paint and varnish before exposing them in his room ... or offer them! Our videos tutorials for a successful "salt dough party"!

In videos: the recipe for easy salt dough and our children's crafts

The recipe for salt dough


The turtle

The little fish

The Mini-Mouse

The funny snail

The cow

Easy shapes

The hen

The butterfly


The ladybug

The pig

All our crafts

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