Your child 5-11 years

Calculate mentally

Counting quickly and well, it is acquired. Find out how your child learns in class and our tips and tricks, to use without moderation at home, so that mathematics is ... a breeze!

  • Until recent developments, the mental calculation was content with a perfect memorization of the addition tables to the cycle II and multiplication to the cycle III. Since the redesign of the official programs of 2002, this theme has once again become fundamental in the teaching of mathematics. Beyond the memorized results, it is the child's ability to "play" quickly with numbers that is targeted. We will talk about automated procedures.

When does it start?

  • Throughout elementary schoolingat CP, mental calculation times are set up. They continue until the end of CM2.
  • Exercises to practice mental arithmetic: CE2, CM1, CM2.

In class, how long does it last?

  • On the agenda today, 15 minutes dailys. In general, the mathematical time of the day begins with mental arithmetic. It is not mandatory that these calculations are related to the lesson that will follow - geometry for example.

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