Pregnancy calendar: the 5th week of pregnancy (7th SA)

Everything is already different, and yet ... No one can see yet that you are pregnant. Well, maybe some people guess: your gaze has intensified, your face has lit up. Happy?

Baby side: its development is progressing

The small cluster of cells that will give birth to a charming newborn in about nine months, measures in all and for all 12 mm in your belly. At the end of this week, the embryo looks like a "comma" with a head (the brain is in place and the heart starts to beat). The two cerebral hemispheres are already formed. The sensory organs are drawn: mouth, nose, eyes and ears.

Imagine a fuzzy drawing that will gradually become clearer. There, black spots on the sides that represent future eyes, here, small holes instead of nostrils. We also see his lips, his tongue and the first dental buds. Side organs, lungs, kidneys and liver are also well drawn, sorry, trained. Finally his little heart beats very fast: about 150 beats per minute, twice as much as an adult ... What energy in such a small body!

Mum's next side: pregnant, not pregnant?

If you have not done a pregnancy test, now is the time! This will give you the certainty that you are pregnant. Moreover, that's it, the whole procession of small evils of pregnancy (nausea, constipation, sleepiness ...) is indeed present. While physical transformations are not visible at the moment, most women feel psychologically upset. They are sensitive, irritable, they cry easily.

Make an appointment with your doctor to check that everything is fine. Go ahead with the results of your test.

Medical question: what is the risk of having an abnormal child?

The fear of having an abnormal child remains very present in the minds of future parents. This is even one of their main concerns. Fortunately, they are in principle reassured by ultrasounds. In addition, it should be known that the discovery of a serious anomaly at birth remains exceptional today. Indeed, almost all pregnancies - 97% - that evolve correctly beyond the third month lead to the birth of a healthy baby. Talk to your doctor about your fears and doubts; he alone will reassure you.

Tips +

Register now at a maternity ward (normally where your gynecologist practices). Good addresses are often taken by storm!

Never take medication like this without asking the pharmacist's or your doctor's advice, especially during the first three months of your pregnancy (embryogenesis in progress). Also, read the leaflets carefully and talk to your doctor if you have any doubts. Already, know that are advised (except medical advice): aspirin and its derivatives, some anti-inflammatories, some antibiotics, some sleeping pills, some antiepileptics and some laxatives. Which does not mean you have to lock yourself in a bubble for nine months. No, again, pregnancy is not a disease!

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