Pregnancy calendar: the 7th week of pregnancy (9th day of pregnancy)

This seventh week, your baby measures an average of 2 cm ... for about 2 g. Cute! You, however, it is not the top of the form ... often smeared! Thank you hormones.

Baby side: oh, a head!

At the end of this week, the embryo measures a little over 2 cm, about 2 g. His neck has appeared. His body is recovering slightly. His face continues to become clear: jaws, lips, nasal fossae, eyes, eyelids and dental buds, everything is drawing better and better. His arms grow, as well as his legs.
The bones, the muscles, the fingers and the toes begin their formation. The other organs continue their development, each at their own pace. The thyroid gland settles permanently.
Your baby is able to turn around, but his movements are simple reflexes and you still do not feel it. Nerve impulses, which allow us to exercise our senses, already connect the mouth, tongue, eyes and nose to the brain!

Mom's coming side: often smeared

Your sense of smell and taste are transformed and this causes strange things: the most original combinations appeal to you and your favorite perfume (or your man's) annoys you. These small problems of adaptation to pregnancy affect two women out of three: they suffer from gagging and nausea, most of the time in the morning. Useful: Take a cup of tea in bed, eat a biscuit, some almonds or sunflower seeds until improved. If you vomit several times a day, tell your doctor. If necessary, he can prescribe a drug treatment (harmless). Do not worry if for the moment you vomit every day, your baby does not suffer. It is well supplied in your belly by the placenta!

Medical question: what is the purpose of the "Mother and Infant Medical Surveillance Guide"?

During your first appointment with the gynecologist or midwife, you will be given this guide, the old maternity notebook. The results of analysis, ultrasound and other important information about your pregnancy are recorded in this notebook. Now you will have to undergo a medical prevention exam every four weeks until the 33rd week of pregnancy.

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For your child to be healthy, consider having folic acid, vitamin B9, which fights against anemia, spontaneous abortions, premature births and birth defects, as soon as possible.

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