Pregnancy calendar: the 9th week of pregnancy (11th SA)

The size of a grapefruit. This week, you start your third month of pregnancy and, whew, it seems to you that some unpleasant symptoms (bloating, heartburn ...) are starting to decrease. Your baby measures about 4 cm from the head to the coccyx and weighs an average of 10 g.

Baby side: a boiling brain

Your baby has changed status: from embryo to fetus. It measures 4 cm from the head to the coccyx (the echograph speaks of the craniocaudal length or LCC), 5.5 cm from the head to the heels, and weighs 10 g.
It is his brain that is growing fastest: 100,000 new neurons are born every minute! Binding of the brain and the muscular system causes involuntary movements. However, you can not yet feel them. Her head begins to curve and even if it becomes a little more "human", it is still very bulky. Your future baby can open your mouth and the buds of taste and smell appear. Hands and feet are developing this week.
His heart beats between 110 and 160 beats per minute. Finally, his sex is clearly differentiated!

Mother's future: watch your teeth!

Bleeding of the gums is common during pregnancy. Increased blood flow and pregnancy hormones can cause bleeding. To prevent inflammation, give your teeth special care. As the salivary acidity level is higher during pregnancy, the risk of holes in the teeth increases. To protect your teeth, be very careful about hygiene and eat calcium-rich foods such as milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese and nuts. Finally, you have noticed, your sensory organs are particularly sensitive. In addition to smell and taste, hearing and skin are also more fragile.

Medical question: when is the first "photo" of the fetus?

The first ultrasound is between the 9th and 11th week of pregnancy (at 12 weeks of amenorrhea, in principle). The size of the embryo makes it possible to calculate precisely its age and the date of its term. It is during this first ultrasound also that the risk of trisomy 21 is evaluated by measuring the nuchal translucency (the thickness of the neck is measured).

Good to know : on ultrasound, we will talk about craniocaudal length. It is the measurement head-buttocks, more reliable than the measurement head-feet because your future baby is in folded position.

Tips +

Under the effect of hormones, the skin tends to dry up. It is therefore very important to moisturize it day and night to avoid fine lines. And, watch out for the sun! Do not expose yourself without taking care to apply a full screen because you might cause the appearance of small brown spots, the pregnancy mask.
Caution with drugs! Consult your doctor before buying any remedies, even if they are over-the-counter.

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