Advent calendar with surprise sachets

You do not have to be a DIY champion to make your Advent calendar, and so much more! Make a nice Advent calendar "house", with very simple material, and easy to do. And fill it with surprises to help your children wait before Christmas!


  • a thin and supple branch of wood, strong enough to support the 24 surprise bags
  • string, preferably raw
  • glue or staples to make the bags
  • craft paper to make 24 bags
  • decorations to adorn your bags: colorful labels to download, scrapbooking decals
  • (optional) a machine with holes for styllising the bags
  • 24 surprises to slip in the bags: sweets, soft words ...

How to make your Advent calendar with craft paper and a branch:

  • Make your 24 bags taking into account the size of each item you put in it.
  • Decorate them with numbered labels, and if you wish, stickers, small drawings or soft words ...
  • Insert the surprises in each packet
  • Close with a string slipped into a hole at the top of the bag (hole made with a chisel or better, with a perforating machine)
  • Suspend surprises at the soft tree limb
  • Hang the branch on a string that you attach to the wall, the chimney, a suspension

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