Advent calendars: homemade ideas

Advent calendars: homemade ideas

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Buying an advent calendar is good ... doing it yourself is even better! Much more fun and more personal. Here are funny ideas, poetic, green ... unearthed for you on Pinterest. What to wait in good mood.

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Advent Calendars: Home Ideas (12 photos)

Recycling socks

Orphan socks? This is a great way to recycle! Pinterest

Smart cups

Nice idea, goblets held on a cardboard by clothespins, wooden figures and tissue paper to hide the surprises ... See the DIY Pinterest

Home recycling

This is an idea that has the advantage of being economical ... but also ecological. Made with rolls of toilet paper (which we all have at home), it looks like a house for birds. An easy DIY in which you can slip small surprises, treats or small gifts! See the Pinterest DIY

Pulled by the goatee ...

An idea of ​​a very creative kindergarten teacher in Genoa. The idea is to cut a beard line a day to get to Santa Claus. See the Pinterest DIY

It's in the box

Made with matchboxes covered with fabric, a poetic idea to decline. See the Pinterest DIY

What papillotes

Rolls of toilet paper, fabric, scraps of paper ... and here are pretty curls just waiting to be opened! See the Pinterest DIY

Tree with surprises

A cute idea created with branches of shrubs from the garden, small domed buttons in gold and small cardboard surprise packets ... an idea that should please! See the Pinterest DIY

What mail!

No, these envelopes are not intended for Santa Claus ... but your elves who will be able to open one every day! Pinterest

A group of happy elves

Sewing and knitting fans? This calendar is for you! Elves made of felt and wooden slices topped with pretty hats are happy to conceal small gourmet surprises or not! You will make goblins and your children will be happy to slip surprises. See the Pinterest DIY

A house calendar ... houses

We love this idea of ​​the Little Gabchou Family website! See the DIY (and downloadable files) Pinterest

Lego Calendar

No surprises in this calendar, but made with lego bricks, it should entertain your elves! See the Pinterest DIY

It's cotton to wait!

No small gifts for this calendar, the idea is simply to stick each day a cotton to remove makeup to bear the beard of Santa Claus! See the DIY and download the Pinterest image