Camille does not play with her toys

Every day, find one of the tips from the fourth issue of the collection "The essentials of: 70 games and toys to help grow", sold with the pocket format of. Today, our advice is practical to enter his game.

Camille, 2 years old, does not play with her toys

  • She's full of toys, little Camille, except, here they are, they do not really interest him. Should we worry? If you spend a lot of time with her, if she spends a lot of time with her siblings or with the children who are kept at the same time, not really enough to ask questions.
  • What is fundamental, it is not the toys as such but the game. If Camille has a partner in the flesh, child or adult, she has much less need for toys. But do not despair: in a few days or weeks, she may not let go of the little pink stroller offered by step-mom.

Valentine is spending a lot of time with his little cars

  • Well, that's a good thing, especially since his dad must certainly from time to time join him! The small car is the evolutionary game par excellence, since it exists for all ages. It allows him to develop all kinds of scenarios and thus stimulates his imagination. And if he already has a whole collection, know that he takes advantage of it, without knowing it, to exercise his mathematical skills. He sorts them by color, size, brand.
  • Moreover, he knows them all with their particularities. Whenever he plays, he stimulates his memory: "But where is my little yellow car with the silver wheels?"

Carole Renucci

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Find more tips in "The Essentials of: 70 games and toys to help him grow", sold with the pocket format of.