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They sail, they sail on the wave of trends, the first names sailors. So which one will you choose for your baby? Nérée, Nausicaa, Delphine, Nemo, Moana ...: origin, meaning, date of celebration, derivatives ... all about these names.

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Cap on marine names (20 photos)


Female name, it comes from the Greek Nausikaa, name of person, and "naus", the ship. In the Odyssey, Nausicaa, daughter of Alcinoos and Arete, rulers of the Pheacians, recovers Ulysses after his shipwreck, comforts him and gives him a boat to return to Ithaca. His birthday: no date of celebration known. Its derivative: Nausikaa.


The name Drake comes from the Germanic term "drakk" which means "serpent" or "dragon". The dragon was the figurehead of the drakkars. This name symbolizes the job of sailor. His birthday: December 6th or May 9th.

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Male name is the name of one of the gods of the sea in Greek mythology. He is the father of the Nereids, nymphs symbolizing the movement of the sea. In the service of the Emperor of Rome, Saint Nérée refused with his companion Achillée to take the compulsory oath of the soldiers because of his Christian faith. He died beheaded in 304. A basilica in Rome is dedicated to these two saints His feast: May 12.


Male name, it comes from the Greek "némô", which means to share or contraction of the Latin word "ne hemo" which means person, not a man. In maritime language, the Nemo point is also the name given to the point of the ocean furthest from any land surface. Why not choose Nemo, an original and recent name? It is reminiscent of Captain Nemo, commander of the famous Nautilus in Jules Verne's novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and also evokes the film Disney's The World of Nemo tells the story of a charming clownfish. His birthday: no date of celebration known. Its derivative: Nemo.


Male name in Polynesia and mixed in metropolis, Moana means ocean, calm of the lagoon in Polynesian and child in Maori. It's a pretty name, still rare, but it's been growing slowly since about fifteen years. His birthday: no date of celebration known. Why not with Ocean (e) on February 7th? St. Ocean was a Roman converted to Christianity and martyred in 320 in Lydia, Turkey today.


Female first name, from the Latin unda, "wave, wave". In the German religion, the Undine was a water genie, a sort of creature close to a mermaid, who sought to attract beautiful knights, ready to risk their lives to join her. Tempted by this beautiful name? His birthday: November 10th.


Male name, it comes from the Latin "marinus", maritime. San Marino was a Roman soldier who died as a martyr in the fourth century after being denounced as a Christian by one of his rivals. A name that was less successful than his female version, Marine. His birthday: March 3rd.


Female name, from the Latin marinus, which means "marine", this name is the international declension of Marine. Santa Marina is the object of an ancient legend. Daughter of a notable of Asia Minor, she lost her mother at the age of 9 years. Mad with sorrow, his father decided to enter a convent for monks, but did not want to abandon his daughter. He had the idea of ​​disguising her as a boy and was admitted with her. Marina spent all her life in prayer and the deception was only discovered after her death. His birthday: July 20th.

• Its derivatives: Marine, Maryne.


Female name, Uhaina means vague in Basque. This is the name of the daughter of Bixente Lizarazu. No feast date known.


Male first name. In Welsh mythology, Dylan is the "son of waves". Mother of God would have given birth by jumping over a magic wand and the baby would have fallen into the water of the river ... before reaching the ocean. This name has long been confined to Wales. It then spread to all English-speaking countries. The fact that singer Bob Zimmermann chooses Bob Dylan as the artist's name in honor of the poet Dylan Thomas probably explains this popularity. In France, Dylan arrived in the 1990s at the same time as the wave of American series. His birthday: September 4th with Marin. Its derivatives: Dilan, Dyllan.


Female first name, from the Greek ôkeanos, "ocean". Ocean is the name of a god of Greek mythology reigning over seas and rivers. Attributed since ancient times, the name Ocean has become very rare. Océane, he appeared in France in the late 70s. Saint Océan is a Roman converted to Christianity and martyred in 320 in Lydia, Turkey today. Seduced by his holiday side? His birthday: February 7th. Its derivative: Océana.


Female name, Nerina means "sea nymph in Greek." This is an original name for your choupette, very rare it could make you crack No date feast known.


Mixed name, Celtic "mawr", tall, and "can", brilliant. It also means born from the sea in Breton. It's a mixed first name. In the stories of the Round Table, Morgane, sister of King Arthur, is a healing fairy. Morgane made her first steps in Brittany in the 1970s, although the Bretons often prefer the spelling Morgan, without "e" final or Morganne. His birthday: July 8th or March 23rd.


Male name, Titouan comes from the affectionate shortcut given to Antoine, Titoine, contraction of "little Antoine". In the Basque country, Titou is also the little name given to Antoine. Titouan appeared in the early 1990s in response to the reputation of Titouan Lamazou. The navigator himself explained that Titouan's spelling reflected the pronunciation of the Moroccan nanny who looked after him when he was a child. His patron saint is the saintly preacher Anthony of Padua who is invoked to find lost objects. And did you find a first name idea? His birthday: June 13th.

Aurelian Pol

Male first name, in Latin Paulinus Aurelianus, in Breton Paol Aorelian. Saint Pol Aurélien, one of the seven founders of Christian Brittany in the sixth century, established his episcopal see in an abandoned Roman fortress that became the city of Saint-Pol-de-Léon. His birthday: March 12th. His derivatives Pablo, Paol, Paoli, Paolino, Paolo, Paul, Paulian, Paulin, Paulinian, Pavel.


Female first name, from the Greek "delphis", meaning the dolphin. Delphinos was one of Apollo's nicknames and refers to his victory over the Delphina snake. It is a name that we find little in the countries of northern Europe. You must know that the male Delphin is also a first name (his birthday on December 24). Originally from Provence, Blessed Delphine de Sabran married at the age of 15 Saint Elzéar who was 13. They lived a life austere and very pious. After the death of her husband, she went to the court of Naples and dedicated her life to the poor before returning to Apt where she died in 1360. Her birthday: November 26. Its derivatives: Delfine (Germany), Delfina (Spain, Portugal and Italy), Dauphine.


Male name, Celtic "maer", renowned, and win, the friend, it is also the friend of the sea in English. Marvin was the name of a Welsh king of the ninth century, he wrote Merfin or Merfyn. He did not land in the United States until the nineteenth century. In France, his success followed that of Kevin in the 1980s. The singer Marvin Gaye contributed. His birthday: November 11th. Its derivative: Marvyn.


This beautiful feminine first name, means vague in Japanese. No feast date known.


First name feminine, from the Greek word "pelagos", which means the high seas. Today become retro, this name was quite often chosen in Greek and Latin antiquity, masculine and feminine. Pélagie is celebrated in memory of a young martyr of 15 years, died in 303 in Antioch, Asia Minor, during the persecutions of Diocletian. His birthday: October 8th.


First name of a famous navigator, Eric Tabarly, this name comes from the Germanic "aina", one, and "rik", sovereign, a name that suits well to Eric Tabarly who was the king of the oceans! Writer, designer of sailboats and above all sailor, he marked several generations of navigators. Worn by more than thirty kings of Nordic origin, Eric is the most glorious of Scandinavian names. His birthday: May 18th.

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