Meadow cardigan

Meadow cardigan

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For cool evenings on sunny days, a pretty cozy cardigan with vibrant colors. With small pockets and stripes, it is made of jersey.

Sizes: 3 months (6 months / 12 months / 18 months)


Quality Wool and cotton of Phildar (50% wool and 50% cotton): 2 (3/3/3) balls color Scarlet; 1 (1/1/2) balls color Rosewood
Order the threads on the Phildar website
Needles n ° 3 and n ° 3,5
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Points used

Ribs 2/2
Striped jersey: * 2 rows col. Rosewood, 2 rows col. Scarlet *; repeat from * to *.


They are essential to the realization of a knitting with the good dimensions.
10 cm stockinette, ea. No. 3,5 = 22 m. and 29 rows
10 cm striped jersey, ea. No. 3,5 = 22 m. and 29 rows

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