Grant in the nominal group, add with a restraint, start in English ... he learns things from CE1 your schoolboy! How does one go about it? How to support your child at home?

Distinguish the sounds of the French language

While playing, your child will cut the words into small pieces ... to go slowly but surely to the writing. The details.

Grant in the nominal group

Jewel, pebble, cabbage, knee ... Ready to revise your classics? Your child addresses an essential foundation of spelling. To master absolutely! How he learns

Reread the text of the day

Tonight, your child has in his schoolbag a text to reread for tomorrow. The opportunity to show you his progress in reading and, for you, to congratulate him! How to accompany it?

Prepare a dictation of words

"Chat", "find", "around" ... these are some of the words in the list that he must remember for tomorrow. What's the point, how does it work in class and how do you help your schoolboy? All you need to know.

Calculate mentally

Counting quickly and well, it is acquired. Discover how your child gets started in class and our tips and tricks, to use without moderation at home, so that mathematics is ... A breeze!

Add with a restraint

Until then, your child could still count on these fingers! But the quantities are increasing ... The good beginning? Teach him to do the right thing. I put 2, I remember 1!

Learn a poetry

"Master Raven ..." In his leaning notebook, your child applies himself to learning his poetry word by word. The details.

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