What the future mother expects of you ...

Imagination, participation, tenderness and delicacy. That's what your companion needs right now. A real and beautiful program.


Stop smoking

  • You, a cigarette addict, have thrown away your pack of cigarettes overnight. "To be able to breathe a healthy air in the house, from now on!", Did you decree on returning one evening from your work! Before adding what you read in the specialized books (yes, you read them too!): "Smoking during pregnancy entails many risks: miscarriage, prematurity, low birth weight ..." Your companion can not believe it. Proud of you: "Bravo, darling!"

Change perfume

  • But what happens to him? Just out in the street, she complains of the smell of exhausts, gas, trash, paint ... With pregnancy, his sense of smell is completely turned upside down. The worst: she finds that your perfume, the one you chose together and that she loved to smell on your skin, smells bad now! And you, good prince, you trade the woody and spicy fragrance against a banal lemony cologne! A gesture that is well worth a kiss, right?


Bring him breakfast in bed

  • Okay, not every day, but from time to time, what happiness for her! The fact of not getting up with a hungry stomach, it seems, avoids the famous morning nausea that she has been paying for since the beginning of her pregnancy! And you are so attentive that sometimes you even think of putting an apple on her nightstand the day before, so she can eat in, when you wake up ...

Send him flowers

  • Like that. Without good reason except to say "I love you" with a bouquet of tulips or a basket of roses, red of course, to declare your love!

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