Cherries naturally sterilized

An economic recipe proposed by chef Jean-Luc Charles. And if you are not lucky enough to have a cherry tree, you will find cherries at around € 3 per kg for direct sale on the farm (everywhere in France). More tasty, your preserves will be cheaper than all cherries in syrup, around 20 € per kg of drained fruit.

Ingredients for 2 jars:

  • 1.5 kg of cherries not too ripe (depending on the variety, we find them from June to August)
  • 250 g caster sugar
  • 1 lemon.


  • Wash the cherries and drain them. Rape them, but do not stone them (the taste will be better).
  • Squeeze the lemon.
  • Pour the cherries into a bowl. Sprinkle with sugar and pour in the lemon juice.
  • Mix gently, then cover and reserve for 3 hours in a cool place.
  • Pour into the jars and close. Sterilize for 25 minutes and allow to cool in the sterilization water.
  • Keep a maximum of 1 year.

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