What are these urinary leaks?

Recently, your laughter, coughing, or effort when you drop or lift a weight triggers uncontrolled urine emissions. Do not worry, urinary leakage is not so rare in late pregnancy.

Urinary leakage, why?

  • Urinary incontinence is not an exceptional phenomenon, especially in late pregnancy. These leaks, spontaneous emissions of urine, can have two origins.
  • Mechanical pressure. As the pregnancy progresses, the more your baby's weight presses on your bladder and exerts pressure. It becomes more difficult to control your urinary sphincter, the muscle that controls urination (urine output) and can create urinary leakage.
  • Muscle weakening. During pregnancy, the muscles of your perineum relax more or less and lose their tone. As a result, leaks can happen, often towards the end when it comes to a first pregnancy.
  • Urinary incontinence may occur sooner, including at subsequent deliveries or when perineal rehabilitation (rehabilitation of perineal muscles to be done from the 6th week after delivery with a midwife or specialized physiotherapist) does not been carried out.

What to do ?

  • Wait without worry if leaks persist after your delivery It is only between 6 and 8 weeks after the birth of your child that you can start the rehabilitation of your perineum to retonify it through various exercises directed either by a midwife or by a specialized physiotherapist.
  • Exceptionally, when urinary incontinence appears very early and very important during pregnancy, it is possible to start a rehabilitation specially adapted to the pregnant woman.

Frédérique Odasso with the collaboration of Myriam Gros, midwife at Thonon-les-Bains hospital.