Your child 1-3 years

It's a real "iron breeze"

Toys, cakes, books ... nothing resists your little bulldozer. Is it his true nature or the sign of discomfort? What attitude to adopt? The advice of Isabelle Barbier, speech therapist.

The problem

  • Impossible to put a cube on top of each other, your "ironbreaker" gets rid of everything. When he goes after glasses ... he really goes beyond the limits. A way to experience one's strength? Perhaps. But an expensive way, difficult to manage with others, and sometimes dangerous.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. Throw, break ... He loves! The trouble is that it is not everyone's taste and that the reprisals are never long. And then ... he does not like being scolded!
  • You. It's no longer a question of clumsiness. Your demon attacks everything that passes in his hands. No way to let you overflow.

He breaks everything because he is impatient

  • He wants to get an object into another ... It does not work, it sends everything. Normal, he is frustrated by the discrepancy between his desire to perform a specific operation and his motor incapacity to achieve it. Learn how to measure your strength, to control the relationship between the speed of the gesture and the distance between two objects ... it takes time!
  • What has to be done. If he gets angry, it may be that the material is not quite adapted to his age. Despite the indication on the packaging, it is observed that the precise interweaving of shapes into each other amuses especially children over 2 years, more masters of their movements.
  • What to tell him. "Look, your tunnel is too small for this car, we'll get it under the feet of the chair."

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