Your child 1-3 years

This beast on his skin ... it's a tick!

By gamboling in the countryside, in the undergrowth, your child has inherited a tick. The little creature came to lodge in a skin fold very hot. You see a blotchy black spot and by getting close to you, you can see the paws around the head buried in the flesh.

He has a tick, is it serious?

  • Yesbecause ticks can carry Lyme disease affecting multiple organs. But not every time, rest assured.

Case-by-case remedies

The battle can last 60 seconds before the tick comes off.

  • Remove the bug with special tick forceps or non-sharp tweezers. Pinch closer to the skin to try to pull the head and do not crush the abdomen that contains the bacteria. Do not let go in case of resistance. The battle can last 60 seconds before the tick comes off.
  • Do not use ether or other product to lull the tick. It could regurgitate and spread its bacteria.
  • Wash with soap and disinfect after extraction.
  • Note the date of the episode and observe the symptoms in the days that follow. A red halo may appear around the sting, announcing Lyme disease in 50% of cases. Other signs: flu symptoms within three weeks. In case of events, consult the doctor who will prescribe antibiotics adapted to the age of your child.

Sophie Viguier-Vinson