Your baby 0-1 year

Baby room: the right temperature

Overheating the house ... bad idea! This makes the mucous membranes more fragile and the gap with the temperature outside will be less obvious to bear. Also remember to ventilate and get the air to your little one. Yes Yes !

  • Remember to adjust the thermostat of your heating on 19 ° C, no more. Better to put a sweater and socks on your child - and wear it too, even if it's not always sexy - rather than overheating.
  • Why ? First, because an overheated atmosphere weakens the respiratory mucosa and makes it more vulnerable to virus attacks. Then, to avoid a big gap with the outside temperature. If your toddler plays outside at 0 ° C and returns to a house at 22 ° C, it causes a thermal shock to the cilia lashes lining the mucous membranes of his nose and bronchi. Result, they are then as paralyzed and can no longer, for a while, perform their work "of garbage", that is to say, to evacuate secretions and inhaled dirt.

Air !

  • Did you know ? Breathing in a room produces up to 100 grams of water vapor per hour. Cook vegetables, wash dishes, put clothes to dry, all these activities of daily life release up to 20 liters of steam per day. Conclusion: our homes are too wet ... and therefore favorable to the proliferation of germs.
  • A good reflex to clean the atmosphere: open large windows 5 to 10 minutes each day. It will also be an opportunity to completely renew the indoor air and thus evacuate toxins and microbes outside. If we do not, they are indeed very rarely disturbed by external air inlets, our houses and apartments being increasingly isolated.

Long live the outdoors!

  • Do not hesitate to take your child to play outside on the pretext that it is cold. Well covered, especially around the neck and at the extremities, that's not what will make him sick, on the contrary! In fact, he needs to breathe deeply to oxygenate his entire body: fueled, his immune cells will regain all their dynamism.
  • As long as the sun is pointing the tip of his nose and dart a few rays on the face of your toddler, and his skin will start to make vitamin D. Again, it has been established that a lack of vitamin D makes it more fragile face infections. But even if you want to take it out, run away from places like shopping centers or public transport, bringing together a large concentration of people ... and therefore also germs!

Isabelle Gravillon