Your baby 0-1 year

Monochrome slippers

Garter stitch and crochet ... here are small slippers that are easy to make. Sorted in color, they are really original. Presented in the March 2008 issue of, they coordinate with a pretty matching combi and cuddly toy.


3 to 6 months.


Phildar knitting yarn, quality Relaxation (100% cotton): 1 pel. of each of the col. : Ecru, Anis, Clover, Rosemary and Lagoon (or the remains of the matching monochrome combination) • aig. n ° 3 • hook n ° 3 • 2 buttons.

Points used

Garter stitch: tric. always at the end. • Crochet: crayfish stitch: like tight meshes but in work. from left to right.


For the middle of the sole, cast on 32 sts. Ecru, aig n ° 3. Tric. in garter stitch: 2nd rg: increase 1 m. at 1 m. each end and on both sides of the 2 m. central, 4th rg: increase 1 m. at 2 m. at each end and on both sides of the 4 m. central, 6th rg: increase. 1 m. at 3 m. from each end and from both sides of the 6 m. central, 8th rg: increase. 1 m. at 4 m. at each end and on both sides of the 8 m. power stations 10th rg: increase 1 m. at 5 m. at each end and on both sides of the 10 m. central = 52 mFor the top of the foot cont. in Lagoon for one foot, in Anis for the other. Tric 4 rows straight then sts on both sides of the middle 4 sts 2 sts 5 fs 1 st. Tric. a total of 10 rgs in color then 4 rows Ecru in trav. thus on the 4th rg: 10 m., rab. 7 sts., 8 sts., Roll 7 sts. the last 10 m. For the central leg, cont. on the 8 m. central clover for the lagoon slipper or rosemary for the slipper Anis. Tric 2 rows straight, then 3rd row: 1 st., 2 sts. together, 2 m., 2 sts. together, 1 m .; 5th row: 2 sts, 2 sts. together, 2 m. Cont. on the remaining 5 m and rab. at the 28th rg.


Fold and sew the last cm on the wrong side. Fold the slipper to close the sole and the heel. Take back the 20 m. waiting in Clover for the slipper Lagoon or Rosemary for the slipper Anis. Add 18 sts. at one end for the button flange. Tric. in garter st, rab. at the 6th rg. Be careful to make the two shoes in vis-à-vis! Pass the flange in the center tab, sew the trim buttons and press to close. Crochet 1 rg of crayfish stitch Ecru on the last rg of the sole.

Creation: Patricia Antoine, Catherine Bouquerel and Juliette Liétar for Phildar.