Slippers and apricot milkshake

These crunchy slippers with jam will awaken the taste buds with a tangy touch that will appeal to gourmands. And what a delight accompanied by a milkshake!


  • 1 packet of apricot jam Les Toques du Fruit
  • For 5 to 6 slippers: 1 sweet broken dough + 1 egg yolk to brown
  • For the mikshake: 200 g jam + 60 cl milk and 4 to 6 ice cubes


Prepare the jam according to the recipe of the preparation bag.

Make dough discs with a cookie cutter (about 10cm in diameter)

Add 2 tablespoons jam, fold into 2 and close by pressing with the teeth of a fork, brown with egg yolk diluted with a spoon of water and put in the oven for 15 minutes at 170 °

Prepare the milkshake with a blender and pour into the glasses

Photo: The Toques du Fruit - Patrick Gérard