How to arrange the baby room?

How to arrange the baby room?

For your future baby, you want the most beautiful of the rooms. Leave to do a little violence, do not overdo deco, night light, and soft toys. Calm is, above all, the best ally of a toddler's sleep.

3 priorities for the nursery

  • First priority: calm. A quiet room is primarily a room in a peaceful part of the house or apartment, as far as possible. The ideal, according to the pediatrician Arnault Pfersdorff, is that it is "close to that of the parents, away from the entrance, living rooms, without wall partitioning with the elevator, the stairs, a garage ".
  • Second priority: light. "In alternation with the darkness of the night, she organizes sleep," says pediatrician Marie-Josèphe Challamel.
  • Third priority: the bed. It is better to be facing the door, so that the baby can see who comes in and is easily accessible. "It also avoids the bedstead, which blocks the view and can be dangerous because of the links," says Dr. Arnault Pfersdorff. A crib, 7 cm spacing, with a firm mattress, it's simple and perfect!

Deco: place to sobriety

  • Deco side, stay sober. "Mobiles excite children, it's better to record the voices of dad or mom, it reassures and promotes falling asleep," says Dr. Pfersdorff.
  • As for the soft toys in the bed, okay the day, to decorate, but not at night, because of the risks of suffocation.
  • And the night-light is not necessary, says Dr. Challamel: "Babies are not afraid of the dark.When 2-3 years, it is possible to install one, provided that the bulb does not exceed 20 watts, otherwise the brightness will block the secretion of melatonin that triggers sleep. "

Sophie Vaesken

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