How to choose your child quad?

How to choose your child quad?

Having the right information when you want to acquire a quad for your child is essential. We will give you the keys to make the right choice in acquiring your quad bike.

Choose a quad adapted to the size and age of the child!

  • First of all, the first question to ask is whether your child will be comfortable on his quad. An unsuitable machine can cause discomfort but also increase the risk of accidents.
  • In quad for children there are two main families of machines. On the one hand the pocket quad, which is more like a beautiful toy and is intended for the youngest children (between 3 and 5 years). And on the other hand, the quad 110 is reserved for children between 5 and 13 years old. There are different models of 110 quads depending on the age of your child. A 6 year old child will not take the same quad model as a 13 year old.
  • To make no mistake, the best children's quad shops offer navigation and categorization of quads according to the age of the child. You just have to click on the age of your child to have available all the quads available in the age group of your child. Generally, the sort is relatively well done and it will allow you to choose a quad without deceiving you. Finally almost ... the choice of model and color still belongs to you.
  • When choosing a quad bike, we also look at the technical details of the machine. A good shop specializing in the sale of quad for children will necessarily have very detailed product sheets. On the product page of the quad, you will find all the necessary information to know if the machine is well adapted to the morphology and the age of your child. We advise you to look at the saddle height of the quad. This information is useful because it can give you an idea of ​​how high your child will be positioned relative to the ground. A well made sheet will also give you the dimensions of the quad such as length, width, height and empty weight.
  • The data sheet will give you other indications such as the size of the wheels, the capacity of the tank, the type of suspensions, the brakes, the power, the type of transmission, ... Just make sure that the transmission and the gearbox are well automatic. Being machines for children, the vast majority of quads are automatic.

Choose a well-equipped child quad

  • There is no secret, the best equipped and most secure quads are the models coming from recognized brands such as the KEROX brand. This French brand of child quad and pocket quad pays particular attention to the quality and safety of the machines it puts on the market. These quads are necessarily more expensive than "entry level" machines but offer a level of finishing and much more demanding requirements.
  • Nothing is more important than the safety of our children while on their quads. For this, we invite you to check the presence of safety accessories offered by the manufacturer. A good brand will offer basic remote control circuit breaker. This interesting feature allows you to electrically cut off the quad in case of trouble. Always in the perspective of protecting your child, there are also other accessories that can stop the quad in case of accident. As for example, the cord connected to the wrist of the child (which is also found on jet-ski) which in case of a fall immediately stops the quad. Well-equipped machines must also have a speed limiter that is adjustable via a clamping screw. This allows you to manage the power of the quad and so do not put in the hands of your child a machine too powerful. As the experience gained by your child, nothing prohibits you gradually release more and more horses!

What to choose: Quad thermal or quad electric?

  • There are two forms of power supply for a quad bike. First of all, there is the quad with a thermal engine that runs on gasoline (like super 95). On a quad 110 we find a 4-stroke engine of 110cc and a quad pocket is usually a 2-stroke engine of 50cc. As said before the quad 50 is reserved for the youngest children. The advantage of the heat engine lies in the fact that it is not necessary to load the quad before using it. Just fill the fuel tank and roll.
  • Then there is the electric quad that works only with a motor powered by a powerful battery. It should be noted that the vast majority of quad pocket who benefit from this technology. The advantage of the electric quad is that it is safer for parents. Indeed no handling of fuel is necessary and no risk of burn by touching the engine is to be feared. The other significant advantage is that it is especially much quieter than a thermal quad!
  • To know the effective power of an electric quad, you have to look at the number of watt indicated by the data sheet. Generally an electric quad has a power ranging from 350 Watt to 1000 Watt!
  • You now have all the information to choose your quad child! We advise you to take your time and not rush, the safety and well-being of your child is at stake!

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