How do you brush your teeth well

How do you brush your teeth well

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So that your teeth are white and healthy, only one way, to respect an irreproachable hygiene. Here's how to do an effective brushing.

Why should you wash your teeth?

Because of the food and drinks you consume, your mouth is a real nest of microbes. Brushing is used to:

  • Eliminate plaque which hides a deposit of bacteria.
  • Avoid the formation of tartar, mineralized plaque.
  • Limit the appearance of cavities.
  • Prevent inflammation of your gums, especially if you are pregnant.

How to choose your toothbrush

Before learning the actions of a good brushing, you must:

  • Change brush at least every three months.
  • Avoid using a stiff bristle brush, too aggressive for enamel.
  • Opt for a model "medium" or "soft" if you have sensitive gums.
  • Prefer a little head to better reach the teeth of the bottom of the mouth.
  • Choosing an electric brush if you like a very effective cleaning.

What toothpaste to use?

It contains abrasive and detergent active ingredients to remove plaque. But some have a little more, they know:

  • Reduce sensitivity to cold or heat with desensitizing agents.
  • Prevent the appearance of caries.
  • Restore the whiteness and prevent the installation of tartar.
  • Fight against irritation and inflammation of the gums.

Good gestures

You should brush your teeth gently for three minutes as follows:

  • Clean your teeth preferably three times a dayotherwise, twice.
  • Do not forget about evening brushingat night the bacterial attack is increased.
  • Alternate vertical and rotary movements to brush teeth and gums.
  • Also think about the inner side of the teeth as well as wisdom teeth.
  • Finish using a dental floss or brushes to remove the bacteria nestled between the teeth.

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