How to choose your perfume?

How to choose your perfume?

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Your perfume says a lot about you and your character. To find the one that looks and feels beautiful, discover all its secrets.

Know your tastes

To find the fragrance that suits you best, try to define the olfactory family that you prefer.

  • Florals This most used composition is for romantic women.
  • The hesperidae : citrus fruits, they are famous for their lightness and freshness.
  • The chypre : notes of oak moss, patchouli appreciated by elegant women.
  • Amber : a warm or oriental note with vanilla and slightly spicy scents.
  • The woodlands : a combination of fresh and lavender notes for the daring

Test your perfume

The epidermis tends to transform the characteristics of a fragrance. To find out if a fragrance is right for you:

  • Test it on the neck or wrist.
  • Wait half an hour to discover his true personality.
  • Avoid trying it on the back of your hand or in the palm.
  • Refrain from spraying it near jewelrybecause the metal acidifies the skin at the point of contact.

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