How to talk about death with his children?

How to talk about death with his children?

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There are some things parents want to avoid, like talking about death with a child. But life and its vagaries sometimes force us to talk about the death of a grandparent or even a close relative with his children.

In this new video of "Rufo says too much" of Milan Presse, child psychiatrist Marcel Rufo, gives us some tips to talk about death with delicacy and kindness. For him, it is important to use fair and true words. He also recommends listening to the child to find out what he understands. In the same way, death can frighten him and he will have to be attentive to what he can do. And if it is a parent who has committed suicide, there are some explanations that should be avoided.

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Production : Jacques Azam
Montage: Milan Press
Production : Marcel Rufo


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