How to know if he is breastfed?

How to know if he is breastfed?

"How do I know if my baby is satisfied after breastfeeding?" Professor Patrick Tounian, Head of Nutrition and Gastroenterology at Trousseau Hospital in Paris, answers Gwennaëlle's question.

The answer of Pr Patrick Tounian, head of the nutrition and gastroenterology department at Trousseau Hospital (Paris) *

  • During breastfeeding, it is not possible, unlike the bottle, to know the amount of milk ingested by the baby during feeding. This lack of objective benchmarks is a source of interrogation for many mothers.
  • The good development of a baby is monitored by the growth of its growth curve, including weight. Before, it was common to weigh breastfed babies before and after feeding. As the dose of milk drunk by a baby varies from one suckling to another, and the weight gain has to be studied over several days, this habit is no longer practiced (unless special medical indication).
  • You should know that a baby breastfeeding takes almost everything he needs nutritionally in the first minutes. Then he "teases", filling his need for suction and falls asleep. The problem is that when he wants to go to bed, his mother wakes him up and thinks he is still hungry and puts him back in the breast. A real vicious circle.
  • A growing and growing baby is a child who has enough nutrition. Monthly monitoring of the baby's weight chart will confirm that he has everything he needs.
  • It is best not to let him get into the habit of falling asleep on the breast. Once he has finished drinking, it is better to put him to bed. By avoiding to put it back into the breast systematically if it begins to cry.

* Author of Answers to all the questions you have about your child's diet (Odile Jacob)

Interview by Frédérique Odasso

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