Know your rights at work

Know your rights at work

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Do you know that the law provides special accommodations for pregnant women? A little reminder of the main provisions.

No firing for future moms

  • According to articles L1225-1 and following of the Code du traveil, whatever your seniority and the nature of your contract, you can not be fired during your pregnancy. This coverage runs from the declaration of your condition until four weeks after the end of your maternity leave.
  • Only exceptions : serious misconduct or suspension of employment for economic reasons, but in these cases the dismissal can not take effect before the end of your maternity leave.
  • Good to know : to benefit from this protection, you have an interest in quickly warning your employer that you are expecting a baby. Send by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, a medical certificate attesting your pregnancy and indicating the presumed date of your delivery.

Excused for medical reasons

  • As part of the medical surveillance of your pregnancy and the consequences of childbirth, you have the right to be absent for medical examinations. These absences, assimilated to periods of actual work, do not entail any reduction in remuneration. Birth preparation courses are not part of the "compulsory" exams and can not be taken during your working hours (unless specifically agreed with your employer).
  • According to Article L1225-16, the future daddy also has the right to be absent to go to three of your exams.
  • Good to know : in the public service, pregnant women can be granted leave to attend childbirth preparation sessions.

Possible Resignation

  • You decide not to return to work after birth? You can resign without notice or compensation breach of contract. It is enough to inform your employer fifteen days before the expiry of the maternity leave.
  • Good to know : you will be able, after a reasonable period of time (two to three months), to resume a professional activity in another company without having to give notice to your former employer, or to pay him severance payments .

Think Collective Agreement

  • To protect future mothers, there is the law, of course, but also the provisions of the various collective agreements. Check with your employer. A reduction of working hours, a change of position or schedules may be provided.

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