100 Little Brown Bear gifts to win!

100 Little Brown Bear gifts to win!

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Let's go for the big contest Little Brown Bear! Come quickly and try to win one of the many prizes put into play before February 26, 2016.

This year again some very nice surprises are waiting for you:

  • 1st exceptional lot: Little Brown Bear comes to celebrate your child's birthday in person! A whole afternoon with the mascot of his favorite hero, it's a dream!
  • 2nd to 11th prize: A beautiful Petit Bateau set, like Little Brown Bear, including: a sleeping bag, a bib, a bathing cap and a glove
  • From the 12th to the 21st price: A beautiful box containing a plaid and a plush Little Brown Bear (CIJEP)
  • From the 22nd to the 31st price: The briefcase My activities of kindergarten with POB
  • From the 32nd to the 41st price: My story house Little Brown Bear
  • From the 42nd to the 51st price: The Little Brown Bear sound book and the baby
  • From the 52nd to the 76th prices: The magazine Little Brown Bear Games n ° 36
  • From the 77th to the 100th price: The magazine Big stories of Little Brown Bear n ° 19

To participate, nothing more simple, you just have to answer 3 easy questions about the universe of Little Brown Bear

To try your luck, it's here

You have until February 26th, so good luck to all!