Blow, scratch, pinch ... the right gestures

Blow, scratch, pinch ... the right gestures

Going to discover the world is not without risk for a toddler. A big bump, a crowned knee, a pinched finger, a blow on a tooth, these are common sores in a baby's life. Some good reflexes to relieve him

He hit himself

If the essential magic kiss is not enough to calm him down, still have to resort to great means!

  • Ice is very effective at resorbing hematoma and preventing tissue swelling. With a few ice cubes in a washcloth or in a cloth (on the skin, the ice would burn it), you can make a pocket to apply for five minutes at the place of the blow.
  • Then gently massage your toddler with an arnica gel, unless there is a wound (this would hinder healing).
  • You can also give him a single dose of Arnica 15 CH in homeopathy within one hour. The sweet taste of granules is always very successful!
  • If he is in pain, paracetamol will soothe him.

He flayed

Blood, it always impresses. It is therefore important to start by reassuring your little daredevil ... keeping yourself calm! Whatever its location, a cut, a scratch, must always be disinfected.

  • Wash the wound first with neutral soap and water, being careful to remove any impurities that may be present.
  • To disinfect, avoid alcohol that stings: your child has already had enough misfortunes for today! There are mild antiseptics based on chlorhexidine. You can choose it in spray: it is practical and, in addition, the "pschit" makes laugh! It is better to avoid Eosine or Mercurochrome: you will then have trouble seeing the evolution of the wound.
  • Especially do not use cotton: it leaves fibers that mingle with the crust and prevent good healing. The ideal is to use sterile compresses. Otherwise, you can also use paper tissues.
  • It remains to put a bandage or a compress with adhesive plaster. There are hydrocolloid dressings: their compress contains water and a substance that absorbs the liquid that oozes from the wound. In place for several days, they provide excellent healing. If the bandage sticks when it is removed, a little warm water is poured on it.

He pinched his fingers

Doors and drawers sometimes like a little too little fingers!

  • Take the ice cream out of the freezer and the arnica gel from the medicine cabinet.
  • If there is a large hematoma under the nail, your child may be very painful: this blood bag pushes on the "lid" and it is painful. It is then necessary to practice a small hole in the nail to allow the blood to be evacuated. A city doctor or emergency department will do this.

He took a blow on a tooth

The incisors being in "first line", they can be also the first "victims" in case of fall or blow!

  • If the tooth is expelled, pick it up (if you find it) and put it in milk, or otherwise in your mouth: milk and saliva are favorable environments for the preservation of the tooth. Direction the dentist without losing a minute! Maybe he can reinsert it. In the meantime, rinse your child's mouth with cool water to stop bleeding.
  • To relieve the pain, you can offer him a water ice cream that will flatten against his gum.
  • And if the tooth is only broken, it is also important to consult a specialist.