Cook, he will love!

Cook, he will love!

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Beyond the simple pleasure of getting your hands dirty, cooking brings a lot to your young son. Experience.

To cook is to express one's creativity

  • Your child is learning to use his senses : touch, feel the ingredients he will use, choose pretty colors to present the dishes, learn with your help to peel, cut. A way to develop your sensory and motor skills.

Develop your self-confidence

  • Show him how precious his help is. Ask him also to invent a recipe or prepare with you the family lunch, using everyone's favorite foods. What a joy to see that we enjoy with his preparations!

Spending a moment together is also cooking

  • A little of this, a little of that, of you, of me... getting into the kitchen can be a good time to share. Enjoy this moment of complicity to chat with your child. The cuisine lends itself so much! Moreover, by teaching him a part of your know-how, you pass on precious memories.

To do experiments

  • The kitchen is a fantastic experimental ground. Show your child all these changes that food undergoes: when the dough is cooked, it hardens, when you heat hard chocolate, it liquefies, egg whites rise when beaten ...

Revise his lessons

  • With cooking, your young cook learns new words "knead, stir, coat ...", that's French. On the mathematical side, he is still a little young to practice mental arithmetic or conversions, but he will become familiar with the numbers: two eggs, three cups of flour ... and especially learn how to organize his "work". A good start to integrate the notion of classification, indispensable in maths. And at home !

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