Blue panties

Blue panties

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With its neat finishes this simple panties are not lacking in style. Presented in the March 2009 issue of, she is knitted in a very soft yarn, in pure silk. Two rows of rice stitches in the bottom of the legs make all its charm.


3 (6-12) months


Phildar knitting yarn, quality "Phil Silk" (100% silk): 2 (2-3) pel. collar. Sky

Aig. n ° 3. 40 (45-50) cm of flat elastic 3 cm wide.

Points used

Rice stitch: 1st row: * 1 m. end., 1 m. approx. * 2nd rg and all other rgs: counter points, that is to say tric. to the end. the m. approx. and to the approx. the m. end.

Jersey end. : * 1 rg end., 1 rg approx. *


A square 10 cm jersey end., Aig. n ° 3 = 28 m. and 38 rgs


Back: he is tric. in one piece comm. by size. Cast on 66 (72 - 78) sts. # 3. Tric. in jersey end. At 6 cm high. tot., increase at 1 m. from each end alternately ts the 4 and 6 rows 3 fs 1 m. then all 6 rows 4 fs 1 m. = 80 (86-92) m.

A 21 (23 - 25) cm high. tot., share work in 2 equal parts in rab. the 6 m. central and term. each side separately in rab. towards the middle ts the 2 rows: 2 fs 2 m. and 3 fs 1 m.

A 23 (26-29) cm high. tot., tric. 2 rows of rice and rab. the 30 (33-36) sts.

Before: trav. as for the back.


Sew the sides. Close the legs. Fold the first 3 cm in 2 towards the wrong side and sew in slipper stitch leaving an opening. Slide the elastic into the hem. Close it in circles Close the opening.

Patricia Antoine creation


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