Cystitis, have the right reflexes

Cystitis, have the right reflexes

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More frequent in the girl, the urinary infection must be managed effectively, under penalty of recurrence. Preventive measures exist.

Why is the little girl more predisposed to urinary tract infections than the boy?

  • Essentially for anatomical reasons. Its urethra (the canal that starts in the bladder and through which the urine flows outwards) is shorter and opens near the vagina, which is located close to the anus. At this level, a microbial flora develops which can easily contaminate the terminal part of the urethra and up to the bladder and kidney.

What are the most common causes of urinary tract infection?

  • Apart from congenital urinary tract abnormalities (narrowing, reflux between the bladder and the kidney), urinary tract infections are mainly caused by defective bladder emptying. Remember that this muscle, which acts as a reservoir for urine, empties and fills thanks to the voluntary action of the sphincters.
  • To empty her bladder, the girl must be relaxed, relax her perineum and not force. The bladder must empty to the last drop. If this emptying is incomplete or not frequent enough, the germs around the urinary orifice proliferate and cause an infection.

How to explain that the emptying of the bladder is not always perfect?

  • As long as the little girl relieves herself at home, without any particular constraints, everything is fine. It gets complicated when she is in school. A child often prefers to play rather than waste time in the bathroom. She does not always want to pee at the imposed hours and, in case of urgent need, she dare not necessarily ask to leave the class.
  • As a result, she restrains herself, sometimes for hours. When the opportunity is finally given to relieve herself, she is often confronted with dirty toilets, which do not close well, not to mention the disadvantages due to the mix. In the best case, she relieves herself quickly, but not completely. At worst, she abstains purely and simply, at the risk of having uncontrollable leaks during the day.

What are the symptoms of a urinary tract infection?

  • Most often, it is a question of disorders of the emission of urine. The little girl pee many times a day, said willingly that "it burns and hurts her". Apart from the discomfort felt, the urinary tract infection is not serious when it is limited to the bladder. This is called cystitis. In more severe cases, the infection can spread to the kidney (pyelonephritis) and give rise to fever, associated with lower back pain.

How are we caring for her?

  • Cytobacteriological examination of urine (ECBU) is essential to identify the germ responsible for the infection and to determine the appropriate antibiotic. The treatment is oral for three to five days if it is cystitis, two to three weeks for a more serious infection.

Are there risks of re-offending?

  • As long as the cause of the infection is not eliminated, recurrences are possible. The little girl then enters a real vicious circle. It can thus have many urinary infections that will each time require consultation, urinalysis, antibiotic treatment ...
  • To prevent relapses, the child is advised to drink a lot to increase the flow of urine and especially to empty his bladder several times a day.

Interviewed by Maryse Damiens.

Some precautions to avoid cystitis

At home

• Teach or re-teach your little girl to properly pee, emptying her bladder well.

• Teach him how to wipe himself in the right direction, that is from the urinary orifice to the anus and not the other way around.

• Establish a regular rhythm of urination: the ideal is to pee on waking, at 10 o'clock break, at noon, at the afternoon break at school, back home, before dinner and bedtime.

At school

Learn. Premises and organizations must offer:

• Easy access to the toilets, for the little ones, places adapted, clean, which respect the intimacy and the separation between the girls and the boys, pee pauses systematically integrated in the school timetable of your child.



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