Discover the singers for children

Discover the singers for children

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Give a CD or a CD-book to your toddler, what a great idea! The Zut, David Sire, Herve Suhubiette, Steve Waring, Henri De ... and many other singers have immense talent. Our advice to know you a little more and choose your gift.

Festival place

  • Through festivals in all regions of France. Like the Mino festival currently taking place in Paris *. You are sure to discover artists of the highest quality. If you have no place, find the names of the artists on their site: David Sire, Herve Suhubiette, Pierre Chêne, André Borbé and many others ... will be at the rendezvous this year. What names to remember!
  •, from November 5th to 12th at Espace Cardin, 75008 Paris.

At the record store

  • At your favorite record store: watch the favorites of the Académie Charles Cros like Hervé Suhubiette's book-CD "Tremblements de tête" (from 5 years old) or Ici Baba with its title "Cat qui caché ..." (from 3 years).

At the library

  • At your librarian, in the music corner: you will find original CD-albums like those of the Tintamarre collection at Milan. And all the cult CDs: Anne Sylvestre's fabulettes, the songs of Henri Dès, Steve Waring, Alain Schneider or Dominique Dimey, the rhymes of our heritage. Librarians are keen to advise you.

And also…

  • Trust some publishers: at the publisher Didier Jeunesse, you will find a wonderful collection of nursery rhymes from around the world and some very nice tales set to music. At Editions de Braque or at Actes Sud (Early or Late collection), wonderful stories set to music ...
  • And, of course, every month in our Children's Leisure magazine pages, we alert you to the young audience festivals, the record books.

Agnes Barboux

CD-books our selection.

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