Pregnant, what precautions to take with his fridge?

Pregnant, what precautions to take with his fridge?

During pregnancy, to avoid any risk of infection, it is important to have an irreproachable food hygiene and it also requires a good use and cleaning of the refrigerator. Our special advice future moms.

10 storage and consumption tips to prevent microbes from proliferating

1. When you come back from the supermarket, do not delay to store fresh or frozen products.
2. Be sure to store your fridge, even if it is binding. The disorder can favor food contaminations, whether from one food to another or because of a poorly adapted temperature.
3. Pack anything that can be wrapped with plastic film, aluminum foil, or better, an airtight box. This is particularly the case for fragile foods (meat, fish, prepared meals ...) that must also be placed in the coldest zone of your refrigerator (this may vary from one model to another, see the manual) .
4. Conversely, remove all packing cartons (surrounding yogurts, compotes ...) and plastic films before storing them in your fridge. By dint of hand to hand, the packaging is dirty and full of bacteria.
5. Place the "dirty" vegetables in the crisper tray after placing a sheet of paper towel at the bottom to prevent small dirt (soil, leaves ...) from settling there.
6. Do you want to defrost a food or a dish? Use your fridge (even if it's longer) and do not do it at room temperature.
7. Separate raw foods from cooked foods and never put hot dishes in the refrigerator (always wait until they have cooled down but not more than two hours).
8. Respect the product expiration dates (DLCs) and consume them quickly when they are open.
9. Avoid opening the fridge door too often and check regularly that the door seals are not damaged.
10. Do not leave leftovers too long outside the fridge. Pack them well, keep them cool and do not keep them for more than 2 or 3 days.
Council +: it is recalled that pregnant, it is necessary to avoid certain cheeses as well as foods containing raw egg like a chocolate mousse or a homemade mayonnaise.

Fridge: when and how to clean it?

  • The fridge can become a nest of bacteria (salmonella and listeria among others) if it is not cleaned regularly, at best once every 15 days, once a month being the mandatory minimum.
  • As this appliance is in direct contact with food, it is best to avoid bleach or wipes soaked in a product that is toxic to health.
  • A mixture of soapy water and almost any household product can do the trick. You can also mix a little lemon and white vinegar in a container of clean water and use this mixture on a sponge. Clean from the top down so that the grills do not get dirty. No need to rinse, just wipe clean with a clean, dry cloth to keep out moisture.
  • Council +: place half a lemon in the door to catch the bad smells.

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