And if he did not hear?

And if he did not hear?

Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new issue of the collection "Les Essentiels d ': 38 keys to boost his language", sold with the December issue of. Today, zoom in on hearing problems.

  • The fear of deafness weighs heavily in the balance of anxieties you feel for your baby. Even if it has benefited the maternity of an early detection of deafness, you worry when it does not necessarily jump at the sound fakes and clapping of hands that you run to produce to test its auditory integrity.
  • It's not just about hearing but to learn to listen. At the beginning of his life, your toddler is still in his world and he needs his familiar surroundings to pick him up and stimulate him. Thus, little by little, he learns to listen and to recognize his sound environment, the voice, the noises ... and to react to it. Remember to reassure you how in the nursery of the maternity infants, including yours, won by a sonorous contagion, began to scream in unison as soon as one of them gave the tone. Your child is an empathic being who understands the distress of his fellow creatures. And if your worry persists, tell your pediatrician. He will find ways to reassure you.

How many degrees on your anxiety scale?

  • Most pronunciation flaws, joint are rarely serious before 4-5 years. But from the moment you worry, do not hesitate to consult, even if your speaker is only 3 years and a half. It is best to reassure yourself so that your worry does not take up too much space in your life, and in that of your child. It is not necessary that his little hair on the tongue, however charming, does not turn into a real complex.

Frédérique Odasso

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