5 good reasons to fly to Nice

5 good reasons to fly to Nice

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In Nice, the mimosa is still in bloom, the carnival is in full swing. And close to the east, is also Menton and Lemon Festival ... If you have not planned anything for your holiday, take your ticket quickly ... Direction the Côte d'Azur. With a little luck, you can even have lunch in the sun on the terrace! (News of 20/02/2014)

A comfortable airport

  • On the way back. You will be very well received at this Nice Côte d'Azur airport, the first and only one to have obtained the Famille + label. Ease of passage, games, small gifts, entertainment, strollers, giant parking spaces ... This is a holiday that starts well!

The mimosa is in bloom until mid-March

  • By bus or car, towards the small town of Mandelieu. From here, you will find charming hiking trails in the Tanneron Massif. Take for example that of the Great Dukes who smells good mimosa. This little flower pompoms, who loves woods, will entertain your naturalist grass, because it is bright yellow and divinely scented. Be careful though, some children (and maybe you) are allergic to it ...
  • Until February 23, you can still enjoy the mimosa festival of Mandelieu. Information for hikes or parties: www.ot-mandelieu.fr

In Nice, the carnival is in full swing

  • Okay, the inauguration is over ... But the party is going on until March 4th! Street arts, stilt walkers, tightrope walkers, urban dancers will seduce you. Admire the processions of floats and its famous flower battles: you will glean in flight, roses, wallflowers, snapdragons, lilies, gerberas, tulips ... After the party, stroll through the narrow streets of this city with colorful facades ...
  • Information: nicecarnaval.com

In Menton, it's the Lemon Festival until March 5th!

  • The theme this year of this funny event? 20,000 leagues under the sea.The festival is divided between the traditional Corsos, famous parades of giant floats, with orchestras, folk groups and majorettes without forgetting the illumination of Biovès gardens decorated with citrus compositions from around the world. Take the opportunity to visit the heart of this beautiful city and its Herbin House. 2 rue du Vieux-Collège, an authentic craft jam factory ....
  • Information: www.fete-du-citron.com

And 40 kilometers away, it's Italy!

  • Saturday, en route to the San Remo market. She is not beautiful life?

Agnes Barboux