Fatigue: a sign of pregnancy

Fatigue: a sign of pregnancy

Drowsiness during the day, unusual tiredness ... actually, it can be one of the "friendly" signs that you are pregnant. Explanations.

What is this fatigue?

  • Progesterone. This hormone, essential for your pregnancy because it is the one that helps the implantation of the embryo, is secreted intensively in early pregnancy by the ovaries, then by the placenta. Sometimes called "rest hormone", it has a sedative effect. The first trimester of pregnancy, so it is not uncommon to have an irrepressible - and sometimes permanent - desire to sleep.
  • Your future mother's state, simply. The beginning of pregnancy is a great psychic and physical upheaval, likely to cause fatigue. Normal!
  • A helm linked to nausea. The first weeks, nausea and vomiting, which also sign your early pregnancy tend to reduce your food intake ... and your shape.

How long does it last and what to do?

  • You poke your nose in front of the TV, the evening after dinner, in transport ... This feeling of tiredness will fade towards the 3rd month, to return at the end of pregnancy.
  • Take breaks ... and naps. These first weeks, do not hesitate to give you naps and to make provisions of sleep. In late pregnancy, it is rather the risk of insomnia that will be watching you, with the fatigue that goes with it. During the day, take breaks, lie down, and go to bed earlier in the evening.
  • Tips. If you have an episode of sleepiness during the day and can not lie down, give yourself a quick walk in the fresh air, think of the fogger and lemon squeezed to give you a "little boost"!

A fatigue not to be taken lightly

  • Pace yourself. This physiological fatigue of early pregnancy should not be taken lightly. Get help, avoid too much effort ... Your baby is still stuck in the wall of your uterus and physical efforts promote contractions ... can lead to miscarriage.
  • Think about it! Do not hesitate to consult the doctor in case of fatigue. He can check that you are not anemic. It will also give you dietary advice and, in case of deficiency, iron supplementation.

Karine Ancelet

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