Rattle rings

Rattle rings

Anise, orange and tangerine: bright colors come together on a pretty rattle to chew. It is featured in the March 2009 issue of. To achieve it, just several pieces of knitting ring to assemble.


Phildar knitting yarn, quality "Phil coton 3" (100% cotton): 1 pel. collar. Pearl, Vitamin, Rapeseed and Red. A knit. Aig. wool.


The toy consists of 4 pieces of knitting: a piece of Pearl 132 cm (A), a piece of rapeseed 68 cm (B), a piece of Vitamin 45 cm (C) and a piece of Red 57 cm (D).

Close B, C and D in a circle, gathering the m. the last rg and the first rg.

Turn C and D on themselves to form 3 rings, sew them at the junction point and just opposite. Do the same job with B but forming 4 turns.

Make 6 loops with one end of A using 10 cm of knitting for each, sew the base of the loops next to each other.

Fold the remaining length in half. Sew the free end of A under the loops. Pass the fold in B, C and D and sew under the curls.

Juliette Liétar creation