Hypersalivation: what treatments?

Hypersalivation: what treatments?

Do you feel dirty since the beginning of your pregnancy, to the point that it becomes embarrassing in everyday life? Perhaps you are suffering from hypersalivation, also known as hypersialorrhea or ptyalism. Explanations.

  • Hypersalivation usually occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy and can continue until delivery. If it usually stops at night, this pathology is very troublesome in everyday life, forcing the future mother to wipe her mouth very often. It can also cause vomiting caused by the swallowing of saliva. But here are 3 "natural" solutions to relieve you, often more effective than conventional drug treatments.

1) Homeopathy

Depending on your symptoms, three medications are possible:

  • If you sweat profusely : Jaborandi 5CH
  • If you have strong nausea + sweating : Ipeca 5CH
  • If you have nausea + feeling of tightness : Labelia 5CH

Prescription: 3 granules of the chosen medicine, three times a day. As soon as it gets better, go to 3 granules morning and evening, every other day. Fill in with a background treatment:

  • If you mess up a lot at night : Luesinum 9CH
  • In other cases : Ignatia 9CH.

Take 10 granules of the chosen medicine once a week for one month. If in doubt, seek advice from a homeopathic doctor.

2) Acupuncture

  • Nausea and hypersalivation (or hypersialorrhea) can be relieved through traditional Chinese medicine that takes into account the disruption of the physiological circulation flow caused by pregnancy. The acupuncturist will work to restore this disturbed circulation. The improvement is fast, just a few days after your appointment. Two sessions are usually enough to put an end to this ptyalism (from the Greek "spitting").

3) Osteopathy

  • If homeopathy and acupuncture have not given results, you can try osteopathy. The practitioner will focus on the cranial sphere to identify the source of irritation on the path of parasympathetic nerves involved in this symptom of extreme salivation. As after a session of biokinergie, a decrease in the symptom is often visible in the days following the session.

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Stéphanie Letellier