He learns what in large section?

He learns what in large section?

Poetry, vowel recognition, cursive writing, sense of responsibility, construction of objects in volume, environmental awareness, sculpture ... the program of the large kindergarten section is very rich and varied.

The new kindergarten program

Since the beginning of the 2015 school year, the kindergarten teaching program has been divided into 5 learning domains:

1. Mobilize oral and written language

2. Act, express and understand through physical activity

3. Act, express yourself and understand through artistic activities (drawing, painting, music ...)

4. Build the first tools to learn how to structure your thought (shapes and sizes, numbers ...)

5. Explore the world (living world, time and space)

Appropriate language

This learning is at the heart of kindergarten. Your schoolboy will learn to express himself in the language of Molière, understand his own thinking and those of his peers.

  • In the discussions, he argues better and better by adding "because ...".
  • He can relate the emotions or feelings of a character: "Little wolf is angry because he is jealous."
  • He becomes able to interpret a story with puppets or drawing and to return the chronology.
  • He learns to savor a text, the funny words of a poetry for example! And put the appropriate tone too!

Discover the writing

Your little schoolchild v the gestures of writing, but also that the sounds are connected to words ...

  • He passes all the media in review and locates words globally on the plaque in the street or movie ticket.
  • Listening to the stories, he asks questions, gives his opinion ...
  • He recognizes all the vowels, more and more consonants, and begins to sequence the words into syllables.
  • He writes his first name from memory, using a cursive script that connects the letters.

And mathematics

  • In the new programs, kindergarten children will learn the basics of numbering.

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