He does not like his mistress

He does not like his mistress

"Do not like the mistress!", He repeats on the way to school. What's happening ? She is naughty ? Your little one can not adapt? It's time to react and help him.

Your toddler goes to school backwards and repeats that he does not like his mistress ... He is not happy and you say that it starts badly, schooling!


Since the first day, it stuck!

  • Maybe your child did not have a great habit of the community yet? You have the impression - rightly - that he prefers to stay with you! You have doubts about this mistress, her ability to meet his needs ... Your toddler feels and responds just what you expect!
  • What has to be done. How does he behave at school, does he have friends? Talk to the teacher. Create a link: your child has a huge need to be valued. He wants you to know what he's doing. Establish a climate of trust by keeping her abreast of everything that is important for your child, such as a baby, a rhino, the absent father ... And also respect his instructions: do not drag on in the classroom in the morning.
  • What to tell him. "You make exciting things with your mistress!"

Suddenly, he shines ...

  • Everything was fine and, from one day to the next, he does not want to go to school anymore. He even says that the mistress is not very nice. During recess, he isolates himself from the group ...
  • What has to be done. Stay alert to any behavioral discrepancies between school and home. Try to find out what could have hurt him ... An injustice: he was scolded and it was not him? It could happen ! But most often an object is at the root of the problem: a small car that he had in his pocket but that he must leave at home, a jacket that he must hang in the hallway ... The difficulty is to understand it while not defending systematically. What matters to him is that you talk to his mistress.
  • What to tell him. "We're going to tell her that this jacket is important for you, you know, your mistress does not blame you, all the children leave their jackets ..."

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