He can not fall asleep alone

He can not fall asleep alone

In the evening as for nap, you dread the moment to sleep your baby. Tears, fits: you have to multiply the trips back and forth to his cradle to finally see him calm down.

The bedtime becomes a nightmare. Exhausted, you can not find a solution. Your toddler has a habit of falling asleep in your arms, in your arms ... and wakes up again several times a night. You feel it's time to teach him how to sleep on his own, but his tears make you feel guilty.

To fall asleep alone, he needs benchmarks

When your baby is "resistant" to sleep, you are ready to do anything to lull him to sleep: to rock him, to ride him in a stroller or even to drive. If he wakes up when you drop him in bed or while he is sleeping, your baby is taken aback not to be where he has fallen asleep. He is lost, has trouble going back to sleep and calls you with his cries.

  • What has to be done. During the day, try to let your toddler play alone by small beaches, on his deckchair, in his park. He will get used to staying in bed at night. At bedtime, set up a ritual: a story, a little music, a goodbye to comforters. And convince yourself that he must fall asleep alone, in his cradle. If you feel guilty, your baby will play on the chord.
  • What to tell him. "You are very tired, now it's time to sleep, I'm not far."

Know how to recognize the "sleep train" time

In spite of the ritual instituted before bedtime, at the moment of pushing the door of her room, your baby instantly resumes screaming. Some children need to evacuate the tensions accumulated during the day. But if you feel that it does not calm down, maybe you missed the train of sleep.

  • What has to be done. Know the signs of fatigue: your baby yawns, has eyes or red eyebrows, scratches his ear ... From 3 months, his sleep cycles are 70 minutes. If he rubs his eyes at 7:30 pm but is not ready to go to bed, you do not have to sleep twenty minutes later: he'll be in the middle of a cycle! Wait until 8:15 pm. Gradually, you can set the ideal time of bedtime.

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