It does not support that I phone!

It does not support that I phone!

No sooner have you picked up the handset than your child shows his disapproval. It moves like an eel, rushes in your legs. He makes noise, pulls on the wire. What's happening to him ?

At each phone call at home, it's the same scenario. Your child is so busy that you can not hear anything. Weary of war, you end up hanging up. And as if by magic, calm returns.

Why does he react so strongly when you're on the phone?

  • A telephone conversation requires a particular concentration. And if it seems innocuous, it is not for your child. Because your behavior changes when you are online. Your attitude (absent look, particular gesture) creates a break with your usual mode of communication.
  • Situation all the more in contrast as you are relaxed, sometimes on the couch. This bizarre behavior is enough to confuse your child. It is easy for him to understand that you are not available when he sees you busy in the kitchen, however, the phone defeats him: physically present, you are psychically absent.
  • He is troubled and in addition he must assume that you are not all his. It's unbearable ! When you are preparing the meal, you can continue to talk to him. When you're on the phone, he experiences frustration that is hard to handle. His reaction is immediate, he looks for your eyes, and the most effective way, he finds quickly, is to make noise. And he does not deprive himself!

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