They call their daughter Hashtag in tribute to the social network Twitter!

Social networks are emulating! After the little Facebook born in Egypt in February 2012, it is a small Hashtag that was born in the United States in December 2012. His parents chose to give him the name of the hashtag - # -, the iconic symbol of the network social Twitter!

A birth that did not go unnoticed!

  • The choice of the original name, a real quest for the Grail! And all means are good to find sources of inspiration and to stand out, sometimes leaving to make choices whose motivation can be strangely based ...
  • In December 2012, a couple of Americans, fans of Twitter, chose to name his daughter as the characteristic sign of the social network: the hashtag - # -.
  • Happy parents did not fail to let their joy on the web planet!
  • Announcement that has been relayed, "liked", tweeted by many social networks.
  • In February 2012, a couple of Egyptians had already named their Facebook son, as a tribute to the social network that helped to promote rallies during the Arab Spring Revolution.
  • In Sweden and Mexico, a small Google and a small Yahoo have already emerged.
  • If such names have not yet been identified in France, others as original as Titeuf or Napoleon have already given rise to legal action.

Frédérique Odasso

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